The Good Stuff (15/8)

Every week I’ll try to share some articles, blogs, images that I’ve found interesting or inspiring – the good stuff! The aim is to learn and promote learning – yet not forgetting the fun in the process! 🙂

An Atheists Point of View: Why Christians Aren’t Being Heard – It would do Christians well to learn from fellow atheists and investigate the evidences and reason for belief that lead to the truth, says the president of the secular society. Interesting read, but makes me curious why he has yet to come to faith?

50 Rules For Dads Of Daughters – While no one is prepared for parenting in the real sense, there’s nothing we should not try to do in being good parents. If I had a daughter, I’d probably try some of these.

Should Pastors Try To Be Cool? – Just a interesting article that I’m sure pastors struggle with all the time from hairstyles to whether today is checks or lines.

A House Of Windows – A window-washers nightmare. What I thought that was pretty cool was the whole place was built kinda like in the middle of the forrest. See it below:

Nick Olson. Maker of the house.


Check out this video of Steve Jobs talking about the rules for success.



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