About the blog


If you’re still reading, hello again. 🙂

This blog is a journal and reflection (as much as I do reflect) on life coram Deo. As RC Sproul defines it; “To live coram Deo is to live one’s entire life in the presence of God, under the authority of God, to the glory of God”. To me that means living a  purposeful and intentional life.

I will be keeping my writing on the topics of productivity (especially to simplify and discipline my life), theology and praxis,  of leadership, and will occasionally comment on areas of interest such as coffee, design and creativity.

Other things that make me human:

  • I love reading and I love books. Words and language are profound and gifts from the Creator.
  • I’m a huge Apple fan. I have a  iMac,  Macbook Air (2013), iPad 2, iPhone 3GS 4S and for the gym I use an iPod shuffle.
  • I like to spend time with my sweetheart, especially walks at the park and share the occasional chocolate indulgence.
  • I dabble in social media and use them mainly for fun.
  • I am a learner in selling real estate, that being my full time job.
  • I enjoy working out, sci-fi movies and the occasional Café Latte.

Drop me a Tweet (@gunnerkid) if you’d like to say hi.


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