The Good Stuff (22/8)

Every week I’ll try to share some articles, blogs, images that I’ve found interesting or inspiring – the good stuff! The aim is to learn and promote learning – yet not forgetting the fun in the process! 🙂

7 Casualties of Being A People Pleaser – In leadership, one the things that most easily trips us up and causes us to fail is our desire to please people first. The most dangerous of all is it will cause vision to stall.

60 Reasons Leaders Stop Learning– This is a fantastic list to print out and review often. Great insight.

10 Powerful Quotes From The Steve Jobs Movie And What They Teach Us About Leadership – If you haven’t already read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, then this article gives you a little insight into this man. I especially like to learn from other leaders, no less than from the ex-CEO of Apple. (P.S: I have not watched the movie yet).

Can Christians Be Unitifed If We Don’t Want The Same Thing? – An important question to ask and the author quite simply nailed it. “the key is the fruit of our beliefs. Do our beliefs help us grow in love of God, faith in Christ, and power through the Spirit? Do our beliefs send us out to make disciples, prompting us to tell others that God is reaching out to them too?”

This Nat Geo corespondent does not like durians. There are only 2 types of people in the world, those who love durians and those who can’t stand them. Growing up in Malaysia, we get durians in season and they taste really good.


The Good Stuff (13/8)

Every week I’ll try to share some articles, blogs, images that I’ve found interesting or inspiring – the good stuff! The aim is to learn and promote learning – yet not forgetting the fun in the process! 🙂

Are You Needed In Your Church? – Very good blog I love reading. This is an especially needed-to-be-written article especially to the next generation. She asks a very pertinent question we should ask ourselves,“I think ultimately it comes down to this: Are we serving for the benefit of the Body, or for our own self-fulfillment?”

3 Steps To Develop A Culture Of Service – MIssional is the buzz word in protestant evangelical churches now a days. Ed Stetzer begins a series of articles addressing the transition into being a missional church and he talks about service. Good read for leaders especially.

Better Discipleship – Are you into discipleship? Then you have to read this. I’m convicted to change how I disciple others. Ed Stetzer shares 5 ways to fix discipleship (if you’re doing it wrong).

10 Secrets Of Highly Successful Couples – I’d recommend this article for single and married people alike. My personal belief is in the biblical complementary roles of husband and wife in marriage, and thru many teachings and courses I’ve attended have come to know some of these principles here as true. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to apply them.

You have probably seen this video around, but if you haven’t and have heard of a man named Steve Jobs, you might like this.


The Good Stuff (10/8)

Every week I’ll try to share some articles, blogs, images that I’ve found interesting or inspiring – the good stuff! The aim is to learn and promote learning – yet not forgetting the fun in the process! 🙂

53 Leadership Quotes from Bill Hybels – Part of my learning process in leadership and intentional living is to try to learn as much good principles from each leadership guru around. That’s not to say that I follow mindlessly, but you do find some good principles that clicks.

7 Key Principles for Interpreting the Bible – Mark Driscoll outlines the 7 principles for interpreting scripture. This will help you do bible study better. The one thing that I learned from this is on reading from the text and not into the text.

9 Marks of Excellence in Church Leadership – Another great gem that you will do well to read.

Focus on “Followership” : The Secret To Great Leadership – “Retired General Colin Powell shook up the WCA Global Leadership Summit today by challenging leaders to focus on a little talked about aspect of leadership – the importance of “followership.””You are nowhere without followers who want to follow you,” were his exact words. General Powell went on to make three quick points to drive home the importance of great leaders focusing on followership as the secret sauce to solid leadership”

Disney’s New iPad App Lets You Browse It’s Animated History – Here are some wonderful screenshots from the magical world of Disney animation. Who didn’t grew up watching disney films? Love it. A video of Disney promoting this app is below.

Two Things We Need To Get Things Done

Every Monday we’re given a chance to start the week afresh. What are you thinking of starting? Is it a new project or opportunity at work? Maybe you want to change certain habits in your life.

Most of the time all we need is the push to start. How do we find the motivation? I propose that we need both a reason and a resolve. The why and the what that will keep us pressing on to accomplish our goals this week.

A Reason That Motivates

Find the reason for any task that you need accomplished and it will help you find the motivation to do so. I know of a couple of friends who have successfully given up their unhealthy lifestyle and resolved to eat healthily and exercise. Their reason? More than looking good, they didn’t want to endure the countless times people have commented about their weight anymore. A great reason that benefits themselves more than it does others.

There’s always a reason for us to do something. The reason may be for ourselves or for others and their good. Most of us ask this very same question,“Why are we at this job?”. Perhaps we have a family to feed. That’s a great reason for us to work hard, work smart and do our jobs excellently. Perhaps its for our own growth. That’s an equally valid and important reason.

Occasionally, there will be time a lousy or unreasonable task comes up. That’s okay! That’s when we learn to say “No” to the task and get other more important things done.

If you’re feeling demotivated at whatever you’re seeking to accomplish, reflect on the reason why it needs to be done. Write it down. Remind yourself constantly.

A Resolve That Perseveres

A resolve that you make is a vow you tell yourself and to others of what you want to change to accomplish a goal. It’s a specifically crafted promise that you make with a very specific goal attached to it.

An example of a resolve is “I will complete a 5km run twice a week“.

Very specific and there’s a simple goal.

After you’ve identified your reason, write down your resolve. The only thing stopping you is yourself. It’s the man in the mirror.

I find that in any task we do, if we can know why we are doing it and resolve to do it, we can get (almost) anything done.

Get it done.