Why I’m Writing Daily.

When I started writing again, I made a choice to post daily. So far, I think I’ve skipped only a day. That’s not quite an achievement as it’s been less than a month I’ve started writing.

Some of you might be thinking that it’s about quality not quantity. I truly believe that too! That’s why I try to post things that fit into what I believe to be quality – stuff that people would read and find helpful.

However the consistency of posting daily helps me discipline myself. This is my accountability to myself (and to you!) that I’m constantly checking myself if I’m growing, if I’m keeping to disciplining myself to form new habits and remove bat bad ones.

What I posted earlier about routines and baby steps, I seek to apply in my own life.

Here are some ways I apply them in writing;

  • Make it a routine to post daily.
  • Start small by posting simple articles (without much research).
  • Save links to read and share later (I use Pocket for this. Incredibly useful).
  • Make it a habit to clarify what I’m thinking and reduce it to its irreducible minimum.
  • Remind myself to jot down ideas every time. (I use the Notes app on my Macbook and iPhone for this) 

Small start but it gets the job done so far.

How would you apply routines and baby steps into new habits?


The Good Stuff (6/8)

Every week I’ll try to share some articles, blogs, images that I’ve found interesting or inspiring – the good stuff! The aim is to learn and promote learning – yet not forgetting the fun in the process! 🙂

The Importance of the Weekly Review – This article is an oldie by Michael Hyatt but something I’ve to constantly go back to to learn and refine my own weekly review routine.

Astronomy Photographer of the year 2013 – Amazing, amazing photos. The work well as great wallpaper on your laptop or gadgets too. A sample below:

Archway to Heaven

Archway to Heaven

Is the Evangelical Liturgy Really An Improvement? – Kevin DeYoung compares the new vs the old noting the differences. Being evangelical and appreciative of orthodoxy in the church, this is a helpful article. “What do I mean by the “old liturgy”? I mean the traditional Protestant order of worship that stretches back to Luther and Calvin (despite their important differences), runs through Westminster, and used to be what churches did when they didn’t know what else to do. Was it rote at times? Sure. Did some churches use it too rigidly? No doubt. But it was also a better default.”

30-Days to Own Your Business – A compilation of articles form finance to customer service for business owners and entrepreneurs. I haven’t read them all, have you found something interesting here?

My attempt at rolling a bay of hale bale of hay.

The 2 Big Things In Productivity

I’m not a disciplined person. I think that includes many of us.

But it’s okay, because we can learn from others.

No man is an island.

Here’s two big things that I’ve learned recently to help me get going in leading a disciplined and productive life.

The Power of Routines

A routine is a plan. You plan your routines and stick to them. This is the easiest way to form habits. Start with a morning routine (eg. What do I do when I get up?). Be as detailed as possible and stick to it. You can use a tool like Trello or iOS Reminders app to keep the list that you can review as soon as you wake up.

Take Baby Steps

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Don’t be overly ambitious about changing your habits overnight. It just won’t work. Instead, take baby steps. Wake up 15 minutes earlier every day. Run just a little bit further or faster. Break your own records daily. It doesn’t get easier, but you get somewhere.

Think about these two things and apply them.

Why Christians should be productive


I’ve been learning a lot about productivity recently, namely from the 3 people I follow on blogs; Tim Challies, Matt Perman and Michael Hyatt.

Here’s what Tim said in an interview with Matt;

Christians should care about productivity. That’s not to say that they should necessarily be driven by a desire to accomplish more things in less time. Rather, they should be motivated to use their time well and to do everything with excellence. God is glorified when we use our time well and when we do what we do well.

I believe it to be true. Shouldn’t we all then living on borrowed time seek to make the most of our time and be productive? I am ready to be challenged and plan to make this my goal for this year.