Why I’m Writing Daily.

When I started writing again, I made a choice to post daily. So far, I think I’ve skipped only a day. That’s not quite an achievement as it’s been less than a month I’ve started writing.

Some of you might be thinking that it’s about quality not quantity. I truly believe that too! That’s why I try to post things that fit into what I believe to be quality – stuff that people would read and find helpful.

However the consistency of posting daily helps me discipline myself. This is my accountability to myself (and to you!) that I’m constantly checking myself if I’m growing, if I’m keeping to disciplining myself to form new habits and remove bat bad ones.

What I posted earlier about routines and baby steps, I seek to apply in my own life.

Here are some ways I apply them in writing;

  • Make it a routine to post daily.
  • Start small by posting simple articles (without much research).
  • Save links to read and share later (I use Pocket for this. Incredibly useful).
  • Make it a habit to clarify what I’m thinking and reduce it to its irreducible minimum.
  • Remind myself to jot down ideas every time. (I use the Notes app on my Macbook and iPhone for this)¬†

Small start but it gets the job done so far.

How would you apply routines and baby steps into new habits?


The Importance of Consistency

I’ve closed a big deal recently and felt pretty good about myself. It’s the biggest deal in my career so far in real estate, and I’m thankful for God’s provision.

Yet my business mentor said something that stuck with me for a while. He said that it’s not enough to close a big deal, you have to be consistent. A producer is consistently producing. Not just once, or twice, but consistently.

As I was thinking about it, it’s so obvious that I thought about other areas in life where consistency is also important. Consider this:

  • A football team that wins one game are not successful. You have to win consistently to be considered a champion.
  • It’s not enough to have spent 1 hour in quiet time in the Word. Consistency in keeping a daily quiet time makes it a habit and discipline.
  • So, you’ve kept your diet and haven’t had unhealthy meals this whole week. But the next week, you’re back to your usual diet of junk food. Are you a healthy person? No, unless you consistently eat healthily.

These are just 3 areas of life – vocationally, spiritually and physically – that show us the importance of consistency.

Consistency forms habits. Good habits are one of the keys to an intentional life.

So, what areas in your life do you need to be more consistent?